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Top 15 Best Off-leash and On-leash Hikes For You and Your Dog in Oregon

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Oregon is known to be one of America's best places for you to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air while taking in all that nature has to offer! However, with so many trails closed off to dogs people often wonder if there is a trail that allows dogs. Keep reading to find 15 of the best off-leash and on-leash hikes for dogs in Oregon!

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The Best Hiking Trails in Oregon 

Hiking with your dog can be a rewarding experience for both of you. Dogs enjoy getting out and exploring new smells and sounds, and you will appreciate having a furry friend to help keep you company on the trail. 

However, it is important to remember that not all dogs are cut out for long hikes. Some dogs may find the terrain too challenging or get overheated easily. 

If you plan to hike with your dog, be sure to choose a trail that is appropriate for their fitness and energy levels. 

Off-Leash Hikes

Choosing the Best Off Leash Hikes in Lincoln County Oregon

Here are some of the best off-leash trails to take your dog hiking. 

Hike NameDifficulty LevelLocationLength
Toketee FallsEasyUmpqua National Forest near Idleyld Park, Oregon0.9 miles
Deschutes River South Canyon TrailEasyRiverbend Park near Bend, Oregon3.1
Humbug Mountain Loop TrailModerateHumbug Mountain State Park near Port Orford, Oregon5.6 miles
Tumalo Falls via Tumalo CreekModerateDeschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon6.4
Fawn Lake TrailEasyDiamond Peak Wilderness near Crescent, Oregon7.2 miles
Salmon River TrailModerateSalom-Huckleberry Wilderness near Rhododendron, Oregon7.6
Green Lakes TrailModerate Deschutes National Forest near Sunriver, Oregon9.1

Off-Leash: Toketee Falls

Dog lovers can take their four-legged friends on a walk along the Toketee Falls off-leash hiking trail in the Umpqua National Forest. 

This is a very popular easy trail, so you will find many people traversing the route. The hike is just under 1 mile long and takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

The falls have 2 sections- the upper tier has a 28-foot tier while the bottom has an 85-foot plunge into a large basin totaling 113 feet in all! 

It is harder to see the waterfall from the lower deck; if you want to see it, you need to climb down the hill, which can be a bit steep. However, when looking at the waterfall from the top deck, it has a beautiful view! 

Off-Leash: Deschutes River South Canyon Trail

Deschutes River South Canyon Trail is a 3.1-mile trail near Bend, Oregon. It has been deemed an easy route and takes about one hour to complete. 

It is a very popular area for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running. You will likely encounter other people while exploring. The best times to visit this trail are May through November. 

Dogs are welcome on this hike and may be off-leash in some areas. 

This hike makes for a great walk in the morning or the evening. It follows the river, which makes for some incredible views. 

Off-Leash: Humbug Mountain Trail

Bird Watching
It's finally time to hit the trails with your furry best friend! And this off-leash hike is the perfect opportunity to do just that. This trail is open year round, so you and your pup can enjoy it no matter what the season. And with plenty of bird-watching and hiking opportunities, you're sure to find something to love about this trail. So leash up your dog and hit the trail for some quality time in nature!

An excellent off-leash hike can be found at Humbug Mountain Trial near Port Orford. The trail is a 5.6-mile loop that takes about three and a half hours to complete. This route has been deemed moderately challenging.

Beauty is all around you on this hike. You will be walking through trees most of the trail; however, near the top up into a beautiful view where you can see up and down the coastline. The trail is excellent for bird watching, hiking, and trail running.

The trail is open year-round and will give your pup plenty of time to explore. When you take this hike, you will be climbing up one of the highest mountains on the Oregon Coast. 

The trail does have a steep incline for the first half mile but then levels off to a gradual include incline after that. However, much of the course has cleared surfaces, making walking easier. 

Off-Leash: Tumalo Falls via Tumalo Creek Trail

Looking for a challenging hike with stunning views? Look no further than Tumalo Falls via Tumalo Creek Trail. 

This 6.4-mile trail near Bend, Oregon, is moderately challenging, but the views are more than worth it. The average completion time for this hike is just under two and a half hours, but you may want to take your time to enjoy the scenery. 

This is a very popular area for hiking, snowshoeing, and mountain biking, so you will likely find other people out exploring. 

The good news is that off-leash hiking is allowed for dogs on this trail so that you can bring your furry friend along for the adventure. 

This trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. 

The trail starts at the Skyliners Trailhead parking lot and goes along the Tumalo Creek Trail. Along the path, you will see amazing views of Tumalo Falls. The trail is well maintained, and it extends through a beautiful forest, offering views of both the mountains and the river. 

Off-Leash: Fawn Lake Trail

Off-leash Hikes
Your dogs can run off-leash and explore to their heart's content while you enjoy the beautiful views. You will enjoy the unforgettable views of some of the most beautiful scenery in the country!

Fawn Lake is another popular on-leash hike near Crescent, Oregon. The 7.2-mile hike takes about 3 hours to complete and has been deemed easy to moderate. This gorgeous hike has an elevation gain of 890 feet. 

This is a great on-leash hike for dogs. There are also some off-leash areas that you can let your dog run and explore. Make sure to have your dog trained on recall before heading out on this trail. 

This hike begins at the Fawn Lake Trailhead and ends at Fawn Lake at Crater Butte Trail #44. Wilderness Permits are required whether you are hiking the trail during the day or at night. 

Once you get to Fawn Lake, you can choose to make your trip longer by heading to Stag Lake. In Stag Lake, you will be able to find backcountry camping. 

Whether taking the Fawn Lake Loop or heading on to Stag Lake, you know your dog will appreciate the fur trees, rugged mountains, and beautiful lakes that this hike offers. 

Off-Leash: Salmon River Trail: Short Option

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about escaping into the wilderness for a few days? If so, the Salmon River Trial might be the perfect destination for your next backpacking adventure. 

This 7.6-mile trail is located near Rhododendron, Oregon, and offers stunning views of the Salmon River. 

The moderate difficulty level means that this trail is suitable for a variety of hikers, and dogs are even welcome off-leash. 

The best time to visit the Salmon River Trail is April through October when you will have the chance to spot wildlife and wildflowers. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the trail! 

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Off-Leash: Green Lakes Trail

Green Lakes Trail is a moderately challenging trail near Sunriver, Oregon. This 9.1-mile route is popular with backpackers, campers, fishermen, and those wanting to hike with their dogs off-leash. 

Most dogs enjoy the chance to run off-leash on this trail, and it provides ample opportunity for exercise. However, wonders should be aware that the trail can be crowded on the weekends, so it is important to keep dogs under control. 

The trail takes about 4 hours to complete. The trail requires a limited entry permit. You can find the current rates here.

The trailhead is right off Cascade Lakes Highway, about 30 minutes from Bend. The trail is well-maintained. The only downside is that there is a parking fee if you do not have a Northwest Forest Pass. 

The trail also offers stunning views of the Cascade Mountains, making it an excellent choice for a day hike or backpacking trip. With 22 campsites along the route, there is plenty of opportunities to explore. 

On-Leash Hikes

If you are like most dog owners, you love taking your pup on hikes. Sometimes, dogs need to be on a leash for their safety. Whether you are hiking in an area with dangerous wildlife or want to be a good steward of the trails, keeping your dog on a leash can be the right thing to do. 

However, that does not mean there are not plenty of great on-leash hikes out there for you and your furry friend. Here are just a few of the best: 

Hike NameDifficulty LevelLocationLength
Sweet Creek TrailEasySiuslaw National Forest near Mapleton, Oregon1.8 miles
No Name Lake via Crater Ditch TrailChallengingDeschutes National Forest7.8 miles
No Name Lake via Todd LakeChallengingDeschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon13.3 miles
No Name Lake via Broken Top TrailChallengingDeschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon5.5 miles
Neahkahnie Mountain TrailChallengingOswald West State Park near Nehalem, Oregon3.9 miles
Koosah and Sahalie Falls TrailModerateWillamette National Forest near Camp Sherman, Oregon2.9 miles
Drift Creek FallsEasySiuslaw National Forest near Otis, Oregon3.2 miles
Secret Beach TrailModerateSamule H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor1.6 miles

On-Leash: Sweet Creek Trail

On this route make sure to look for 11 waterfalls on this on-leash dog friendly hike.

The Sweet Creek Trail is the perfect option if you are looking for both a dog and kid-friendly trail. 

When it comes to on-leash hiking in Oregon, few destinations are more picturesque than Sweet Creek Falls. This 1.8-mile round trip trail is located near Mapleton, Oregon. Dogs are welcome, but they must be on a leash the entire hike. 

Walking along this trail, you will find many small waterfalls which lead up to a beautiful large waterfall at the end of the hike. Can you spot all 11 waterfalls on your walk? 

This waterfall is perfect for dog owners to explore the wildlife that calls this area home. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the area year-round.

The hike is a couple of miles long, starting at Homestead Trail and continuing a half-mile down to the waterfall. The trail is also paved, which makes it great for walkers with dogs.

There is a Cat-walk on this trail that some dogs might not appreciate, so be ready to carry your dog if needed. 

On-Leash: No Name Lake 

Beautiful Views
No Name Lake is the perfect spot for a hike with your furry friend. Your dog will get the exercise they need while you enjoy the beautiful views. You can also challenge yourself by climbing up to 1,400 feet in elevation. No Name Lake is the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time with your furry companion.

No Name Lake is a pristine natural lake located just off of the Cascade Lake National Scenic Byway. 

Hikers and their dogs alike will love the Lake's tranquil surroundings, hidden among the mountains and with breathtaking views. 

There are three routes that you can take to get to No Name Lake. 

via Broken Top Trail

The first route starts and takes you through Broken Top Trail and leads you to No Name Lake. The trail begins near Bend, Oregon. 

This 5.5 round trip trail is a dog-friendly hike that is popular among local hikers and features over 1,400 feet of elevation gain and views of waterfalls, wildflowers, and lakes. The hike is on the challenging side and takes about 3 hours to complete. 

The hike does require dogs to be on leashes, so make sure to bring one for your furry friend. 

Dogs can follow a dirt path to the base of the waterfalls, which are perfect for cooling off during the summer. The trail has been challenging but is full of great adventures for the skilled hiker and their active dog. 

via Crater Ditch Trail

This next route is 7.8 miles and is located near Sunriver, Oregon. It is considered a challenging route and takes about 4 hours to complete. The elevation gain is just under 1,500 feet and has fantastic views! 

This route will take you near the crater at Broken Top. On this route, you will find more rugged terrain with rough dirt and gravel roads. 

Snow can be found much of the year, so make sure to dress accordingly. Dogs also need to be on leashes when traversing this trail. 

No Name Lake via Todd Lake

For this route, you start at Todd Lake. The extra few miles this adds to the hike are worth it for the views! 

Once reaching No Name Lake it is recommended to keep going the extra half mile to hike up the ridge to see what breathtaking views you can find! There is a fantastic panorama of the Sisters, as well as Mount Hood which is visible on clear days! 

This route is a challenging one and requires dogs to be on a leash. The route is just over 13 miles in length and starts near Bend, Oregon. It takes an average of 7 hours to complete. 

On-Leash: Neahkahnie Mountain Trail

If you're looking for one of the best on-leash hikes for you and your pup, then the Neahkahnie Mountain via South Trailhead hike is one of the best. 

The Neahkahnie Mountain Trail is an almost 4-mile hike and has been deemed a challenging hike. It takes about 2 and a half hours to complete the hike. It is also a very popular hike for the avid hiker and their dog so be prepared to meet others. 

In late spring, the trail is filled with incredible wildflowers. The route also winds through switchbacks, and near the summit, you'll find a nice overlook of Nehalem Bay. With the steep inclines, be sure to carry enough water to stay hydrated on this hike. 

The trail starts in a forest and eventually breaks free from the forest, which gives you some stunning views of the nearby coastline. While the trail is muddy in the spring and winter, it's dog-friendly. 

On-Leash: Koosah and Sahalie Falls Trail

Bird Friendly Hikes
The Koosah and Sahalie Falls Trail is a great place for an on-leash hike with your dog that offers stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge. It is also a great place to bird-watch.

The Koosah and Sahalie Falls Trail is a great place to take your dog for an on-leash hike. This scenic trail winds through the woods, past cascading waterfalls, and offers stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge. 

Along the way, you and your furry friend will have ample opportunities to explore, sniff, and play.

The hike is just under 3 miles near Camp Sherman, Oregon. The hike is of moderate difficulty and takes about one and a half hours to complete. The hike's total elevation is 360 feet. 

The area is excellent for bird watching, camping, mountain biking, and of course, watching as the beautiful water tumbles down into the McKenzie River below. 

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On-Leash: Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls is a beautiful trail located near Otis, Oregon. The trail is dog-on-leash friendly and is a great place to take your four-legged friend for a hike. 

The trail is well maintained, making it an easy route for anyone to follow. One of the trail's highlights is the huge suspension bridge that spans Drift Creek. The views from the bridge are stunning, and you can even see the waterfall from there. 

The just over 3-mile round trip hike takes about one hour and thirty minutes to complete. The trail is open year-round and has amazing views no matter when you choose to hike the trail. 

The trail is very well maintained and has high foot traffic. So you and your dog will find many chances to interact with others on the trail! 

On-Leash: Secret Beach Trail

Have you ever wanted to find a hidden gem on the Oregon Coast? Well, now is your chance! Secret Beach Falls is a beautiful spot worth the effort to find. 

Tucked away at the northernmost end of the Oregon Coast, this hidden treasure is best reached by taking the nearby trail. This moderate out-and-back trail is roughly 1.5 miles long, and dogs on leashes are welcome. 

Bird watchers will love this spot too! 

This fantastic 1.6-mile hike has been deemed moderately challenging but is definitely worth the effort! Since it is such a popular area for birding and hiking, you will undoubtedly encounter some friendly fellow explorers along the way! 

The best times to visit this trail is March through October, but dogs are welcome year-round (as long as they are on a leash). 


If you’re looking for a fun, outdoor activity to do with your pup that also offers beautiful views and plenty of trails to explore, look no further than Oregon’s hiking trails. From easy on-leash hikes perfect for beginners and families, to more difficult off-leash adventures, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Grab your furry friend and get exploring! Comment below what your favorite hike is – we would love to hear from you.

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What do you do?

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